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Re: Gateway Speedway with the M-boys -- LONG

>Couple of other safety items come to mind:
>- New fire extinguisher securely stored inside the cockpit or trunk
>- Check both driver and passinger-side seat-belt latches and centrifugal 
>  locking mechanism.
>Also, isn't it mandatory to wear a helmet at most of these events?

Helmets are mandatory and they need to be Snell 85 or later and I'd 
really prefer that everyone use a Snell SA 85 helmet or later.

As for the fire Extinguisher.... it's nice but I'd really not like to 
have a 10 lbs projectile flying around in the case of an accident.  I 
have yet to see a car burn at one of these events, but I have seen them 
carsh hard enough to blow the sunroofs out of the car and have them land 
50 or 60 feet away.  I once saw a bruise caused by a Cell phone handset 
and it was huge and those weigh what?  10 oz?  The seatbelts are part of 
the tech check.  BTW anyone have those 2" Schroth harness?  Get them out, 
2" is to narrow in a sedan Real Race harness are made with three inch


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com