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Re: A4 wagon?

At 11:08 11/13/95 PST, you (Carl DeSousa) wrote:
// A friend saw an A4 wagon in the San Francisco Bay area.  I didn't
// think they were importing these in yet.  Anyone else seen one?
// Carl DeSousa

>From all I know, Audi does not make them yet... The latest I have seen
states an intro in Europe in the first half of 1996. The car your friend has
seen may have been a test car.

I went to the Boston International Auto Show this weekend, and the A4 wagon
was nowhere to be seen, and it was unknown to the people manning the Audi booth.
Frederic Gittler

'94 Audi S4 Quattro
'91 Toyota Previa LE All Trac
'86 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro