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Turbo 101 pop quiz - 30-70 times

dan@di.com recently posted a request for 30-70 times for the ur-q owners out
there....  I will follow this with a request for 30-70 times for all 5ktq
(maybe 4ktq's) from this list......  The rules are as follows:

1)  No Cops?  Engine Warm?
2)  Best 30-70 runs up and back same stretch of flat level road. TIME?
3)  Ambient air temp during test (don't use the a/c unit unless you know it
is accurate)?
4)  Mods (however slight) to your machine?
5)  Max boost pressure (vdo/aux guage/Hg mercury preferred over dash, but if
you                must...)?   and max pressure at 3000rpm?
6)  Steady 30, now romp on it (no feathering), 70?
7)  Are you in 3rd only?
8)  Octane of Fuel?
9)  Elevation of test?
10)  Please, no wagering, no feathering,  no cheating........

Thanks in advance to all participants......  The turbo-turbo
tweeks/modifications are all but complete (it's about time, I know), and I
would like to get a feel for where you all are in terms of present
performance......  This will help me determine what turbo mods to recommend
to you (and I know there are at least 28 on my list)......  You wouldn't
believe the number of parameters there are........   So in deference to
offering 18 stages of tune, I'm thinking a more conservative 10 (?!), or less
might be preferred....  So play a little, smile a little, and let me know
what you get.....  those of you with no mods, I need that data, too.......

I will post a list of those who I currently have as "me too" on my database
of interested parties....  If there are any additions or deletions to that
list (posting hopefully today) let me know.....  If anyone is reading about
this for the first time and would like information, please e-mail me directly
at PDQSHIP@aol.com and I will add you to the list.  

********NO DISCLAIMER here.....  I have been actively pursuing the RS2++
potential of our stock k26 as an (exchange) upgrade for the WATERCOOLED
turbochargers......  The price target is $1000 +/- (upgrade dependent), and
it still looks good, and includes a turbo rebuild as given.....  The
components are all checked, cleaned and measured for tolerance, but ARE NOT
NEW......  the bearings and the usual rebuild stuff is, but not the wheels or

*  Please post your findings to me directly, not to the list, I will
summarize the answer sheet for you, that should keep Dan Simoes happy......

Thanks for you help

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqRS2 stage VIII (wild)
'87 5ktqRS2 stage III    (mild)