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Re v/vr 6's

In a message dated 95-11-13 20:37:20 EST, you write:

>i am not following.  it seems to me that you are talking about
>engine+car combinations, while i am talking about engine not installed
>in any body in particular. 

Nope, I am isolating the variables you argue are not engine related......
 The engine can and should be judged in the real world, but that doesn't mean
you can't isolate the motor itself......

>not even talking about that.  i think this whole thread started on
whether the passat is better with a vr6 or the current 12 valve audi

> Don't agree at all, the engine should complement the chassis, and should do
> so regardless of inertia, transmission, flywheel weight (my car), etc.. 

>ok, you are talking about the manufacturer's specification of an engine
for its required role.  you are saying that "i am building car X.  and
for this car X, i need an engine of the following specs"

You bet.....  Why would you chance doing any other way, too many successes
are built on this idea

>i am saying, "here are two engines already built and designed.  which is
better for deployment in car X?"

And I disagree that the vr6 should be chosen.......  It's not a better engine
in design or reality or future reality

>right now, there are two very clear and distinct choices to power the
new passat.  my preference is for the vr6.  it's future development
potential is irrelevant at this point, because the current audi engine
is not significantly superior.

But, that is THE short term solution agument that got VW in trouble to begin
with....  Pick one, and stick with it.....  To me the power potential of the
Audi 6, and its current refinement is enough to make that choice clear......
 Take a long term stand on this eliot/vw, repeating a G60 fiasco with the vr6
fiasco is just not smart thinking in my opinion

>when the audi v6 comes with 5 valve
heads and twin turbos it will be a no brainer to decide which to have.

And for that to happen the money should be in the audi 6.....  Sell all the
great vr6's to the rest of the world, to ford to benz......  Cuz as a 6 in a
four crate, makes it the sweet marketing success it should be, and was
designed for..........  Where mercedes puts the vr6 should be

>perhaps VW is trying to make as many VR6s as possible because of its
limited life.  that would explain why they are selling them to
mercedes and ford (for use in some joint minivan project).



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