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4k wheel bearings ... they're off!

Well, they're off ... finally!  In retrospect, I think the problem might be
that I replaced these wheel bearings several years ago and didn't prep them
properly when I reinstalled 'em.  Live and learn...

For the record, I tried the following procedures, in the following order:

1) large gear puller ... didn't fit.

2) small gear puller ... fit but kept slipping off.

3) medium gear puller ... fit after I ground the hooks down a bit but also
kept slipping off.

4) medium gear puller with C-clamp holding the arms together ... still kept
slipping out (it would twist slightly and pop the hooks out of the notches).

5) large bearing separator ... didn't fit.

6) spray them with penetrating oil and let 'em sit 24 hours ... didn't help

7) sprayed them with WD-40 and let 'em sit another 24 hours ... didn't help

8) pounded on the notches with a chisel trying to loosen them ... nope.

9) packed the spindle with dry ice and heated the race with a propane torch
... didn't work, either.

10) borrowed a smaller bearing separator from the guy down the street who's
building a '40 Hudson street-rod and put the whole mess in his 20-ton press
... BINGO!

Thanks again to all of those who responded to my plea ... it's nice to know
I don't have to tackle these things all by myself!

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