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Re: vr6 and the competition

On Tue, 14 Nov 1995, Dave Eaton wrote:

> thought i'd wade in with my thoughts on the engine debate...

the more the merrier!
> re: bimmer v8's vs the audi ones. 
>you guys are talking apples and oranges here because the audi v8 you're dealing
>with is the old one, developed 5 years ago.  the new one, to all press accounts
>is *much* better and of the same technological age as the bimmer 3 and 4

i don't think that much has changed with the audi v8 engine aside from
the capacity increase.  lots of minor details, of course, which would
ensure parts incompatibilities, but i'd be curious to know what, if any,
major improvements there are.

as for the press reports, it is quite simple to explain.  the original v8
(car) was not good enough to challenge the big names, because of various
weaknesses not least its lethargy from a standing start. (the transmission
really deserves the bulk of the blame) thus, the positive attributes of
the engine was downplayed. 

with the new a8, which by all accounts is a really good car, the positive
aspects of the engine is now emphasized.  aside from the capacity
increase, not much else has changed as far as i can tell.