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Re: vr6

In a message dated 95-11-13 23:10:01 EST, you write:

>you guys are talking apples and oranges here because the audi v8 you're
>with is the old one, developed 5 years ago.  the new one, to all press
>is *much* better and of the same technological age as the bimmer 3 and 4
>litres.  the a8 also has the 3.7 litre version of the 4.2 one.  now the s6
>the 4.2v8 would be a nice rocketship.  instant throttle response and 280
The point is that it should have been done right the first time.....  Not
disagreeing that the "new" motor is good, just that I find it somewhat
interesting that a company that comes out with the vr6 could do the v8 right
from the get-go.....  Bmw did their homework, and put a 5 speed auto and a
6speed manual in the lineup right off the bat.....  No kudos to audi for
short thinkin' and lots to BMW for long term thinkin'........  And after a
quattro, rear wheel drive IS the future, A4 highlights aside, it can be done
with success in a crowded market......
>re: vr6.
>i think that the issue here was mainly to do with packaging.  it was
>with the narrow "v" angle to optimise space for coupe (corrado) and
>(golf) applications.  audi didn't have the same requirements.  but i bet
>the a3, if it is to get a v6 option will get the golf one.

Which is my point, as a packaging exercise, it deserves the ace award....  As
a long term solution to a 6 it comes up short for the 90's......  Lexus and
Bmw are setting the standard of silk, vw shouldn't be caught in