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Re: Wierd starting problems

       Well, I called BLAUfergnugen today (very helpful tech info line), and th
e guy I talked with seemed to know a lot about my car.  I told him what the pro
blem was, and he told me that he thought the problem was the fuel pump check va
lve.  He also said it could have been some leaking injectors.  He seemed to kno
w what he was talking about, and seemed fairly confident that this was the prob
lem.  He said he's seen these symptoms many times before, and he said, 9 out of
10 times it's the fuel pump check valve.

        BTW, Robert, I asked about this "hot start pulse relay" and he told me
that this relay is only on older models and is not on my car.  BTW, to all of y
ou just tuning in this is on a 5000CSTQ and the problem is the car will only st
art if the engine is cold (and I'm talkin ice cold here).

         What do y'all think about this?  Does this sound like a likely source
of the problem?  BTW, I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the advice I g
ot from all of you.  Many of the things that were advised to me probably weren'
t the problem at hand, but were things I needed to look into and check up on.
Thanks for the help.  I really appreciate all the advice I can get!  Thanks!