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Re: Crating vr6's

In a message dated 95-11-14 03:43:09 EST, you write:

>different for engines, or tires, or any number of things.  While it isn't 
>practical to swap engines from car to car, that's what needs to be done 
>to get a clear picture of the engine's performance.  Its the designer's 
>job to try the engine in a variety of situations to see that it makes his 

.....  And that has been done.....  The variety of chassis thing that is, and
the vr6 strengths are not in it's performance as a 6, but in its performance
as a better engine than a large displacement 4, and it fits in the four
bay........   That's where it shines, and I think for that pupose and intent
it's a great motor.....