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Re: high mileage -Reply

>>> <ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov> 11/14/95 04:41pm >>>

>What's the most mileage anyone got out of a 5 before pulling the head 
>or/and major rebuild??  I'm at almost 105k and still have good 
>compression/leak down in all 5 pots.  Is 200k out of the question??

I don't think that 300K is out of the question at all.  200K is  very good
odds, even for a turbo car.

paul timmerman<<<<<

Hay, this can be fun!  Paul and others-

how high of mileage on a ' 82 4000S DIESEL( the Audi/VW 1.6L 4L). 
Which I was told was made by Audi for VW.  I believe IMHO that 165K is
a start, which I have.  But, what has others have or seen, for DIESELS.  

BTW-  Has anyone replaced their 1982 or newer oil pressure system.  I
had the unfortunate experience with it going off at the engine shift
points.  I changed the oil and that stopped it for a while, but after a week 
the idiot light and buzzer would go off after the engine got warm.  So, I
went to my VW dealer, No Audi dealer in Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City is
just far enough that I didn't want to push my car there, literally.  The
dealer changed the oil again and found that the sensor was irregular. 
They replaced it, and I have been okay for about 4 weeks now.

Anyhow happy traveling

Jordan '82 4000S Diesel