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Re: vr6 and the competition

<And look at the A8 4.2 and BMW 740iL. The 740iL has a lot less bhp/ton 
yet can move as almost fast. I wonder what's the story here?>

Well the A8 4.2 compared to the 740iL, in addition of the Quattro mechanism,
the A8 only has a 4 speed auto while the 740iL has the 5 speed auto.  

The S6 estate compared to the BMW 328, even though they have the same bhp/ton
ratio, their torque numbers differ a lot, S6 (258 lb.ft) while 328

The new A4 2.8 compared to the BMW 328, the A4 is slower overall, even if the
A4 auto already has the new 5 speed auto box.  The torque, I think has a lot
to do with the discrepancy.
Even the older 325 engine is much torquier than the Audi 2.8 V6.