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Re: New can of worms!

>My car's hard to quick shift and even harder to heel-toe because it takes 
>so long for the revs to fall or jump.  Any other possible solutions?


>correctly call me ignorant on the subject of flywheels - I've never held 
>one or seen it on a drivetrain, but I'd like to.  I do know that it's 
>causing an inconvenience in my driving style right now.

change driving styles.

i'm not trying to be facetious, but what's the big rush in shifting?  how
many tenths of a second are you really going to save by shifting faster?  i
could be wrong here, but there's other places to gain time.  some of the hard
core competitive types (Eric?  Scott? Graydon?) can prob'ly add more here

2 pennies.