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a8 engine clarification

georg kacher of CAR and Automobile:

"the all-alloy v8 is largely carried over from the previous v8 (sedan),
but develops 20bhp more thanks to a modified intake manifold, larger
diameter intake valves and a higher compression ratio of 10.8 to 1."

"to quieten this brawny lump, the engineers have beefed up the v8's
crankcase, fitted a stiffer crankshaft in new bearings, and even
developed better insulated mounting points for the alternator."

in short, detail changes that everybody makes, which proves that there was
very little wrong with the original engine.  the rest of the a8 is
magnificent, so praises are sung for the engine as well. 

the previous car had several flaws and was based on the 5000, so the
positive aspects of the engine was downplayed.   those of you who
have purchased a $15K V8, consider yourselves lucky!  the same
basic engine that powers "the best car in the world".  (CAR)