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*Smooth VR6


      I just want to start by saying that I don't have as much merits as you au
tocrossers and others who have driven every car ever built.  I also don't want
to start any flames.  <nomex on!>-for protection!

      I agree with Eliot.  I think the Corrado VR6 is a great car, and I was ve
ry impressed with the VR6 engine.  Not only was I impressed with it, but so wer
e several of the leading car magazines.  I distictly remember Automobile magazi
ne saying that the Corrado SLC (VR6) was "the closest thing you could get to a
Porsche 911 under $25,000."  Although, I always found that price a little disco
uraging though...at just $25k.  I thought they were very smooth too.  I like sm
ooth....OK!  Any problems?  I don't think I'm the only one on the list who appr
eciates the beauty of smooth acceleration.  Just because an engine is smooth, d
oesn't mean it's slow.  But maybee I'm just a wussie!  (just kidding ;-))

>  the I5 is dead and buried.  live with it.  after 20 years of development it
>  has reached it's logical end.

       I disagree here.  Read...the Audi RS2 Avant (Performance Car of the Year
).  Although the I5 is being fased out in the US, I believe they will continue
to use them in european models.  And, this doesn't mean Audi will not use them
again in the future.  The I5 is actually based on a Porsche engine desighn from
the 1950's...and still maintains the same basic desighn.  Although, it is safe
to say that Audi has perfected the 5 cylinder engine.  I consider the 20V turbo
charged 5cyl engine perfection!

>  the I5 is easily outdone by most sixes.  it is not going to defy any laws of
>  physics.  odd number of cylinders is never going to be as smooth as even.

        Again, I disagree here.  The Audi turbo fives are much nicer than the n
ew V6s.  They have a lot more spunk, and have more character.  The new Audi V6'
s aint got no soul, man!  Just my opinion.  Now when Audi adds its 5 valves per
cylinder technology, and turbocharges it, I'm sure it will be real nice.  But,
at the moment, the current Audi V6 didn't really do anything for me.  I think t
he Audi V6 is much more impressive in the lighter A4 (but, I haven't driven it
yet...just what I've heard).

>  racing engines are loud, but that is because of the open exhausts.  they are
>  very, very smooth.  they have to be to run at 16000 rpms.

         Jeremy, he's got a point there.  I couldn't have said it better myself
.  Like when racing on the track....the smoothest line is always the fastest li
ne.  A race engine that runs smoothly is usually more efficient.

         I have seen many sickeningly fast Audi quattros, and they all were lou
d and ferocious, as well as very smooth.  If an engine runs rough, it is usuall
y the result of some internal problem.  Do you see my point?

         BTW, let me just state that I have only driven the Corrado VR6, and ha
ve not driven the Passat VR6.  But, I did drive a Passat with a 4 cylinder engi
ne.  It handled well, but man was it a dog!  No get up and go!  Remember this i
s all opinion based, so correct me if you like, but lets be civil here ;-).