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Re: Audi 2.8 V6 Potential

>Name: Paul Rivera
>E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
>Time: 09:47:24
>Last year my son met with several Audi people to discuss developing a series
>performance kits for the 100/A6 2.8 V6 Cars.
>The Audi folks informed us that their Engineers said there was no more 
>displacement to be gotten out of the Motor. ABT has been ok at getting 
>30 or 40 more Horsies by Head Work, Fuel Injection mods, Air Flow tricks, etc,
>they could not verify if they would ever pass CARB or even the EPA 50K test.
>First off, their bench mark was the Alfa 164 3.0 Motor. Nice piece.

Aahh, the alfa 3.0...what an engine!  On that subject, sort of, and
considering our quattro leanings, does anyone over the pond have an idea on
the prices (used) of the 164 all wheel drive version?  It's too bad Alfa's
gone and that they never gave us a chance to try that car.

My cousin in Sicily informed my father that it was the greatest car ever
produced...after driving it in the pouring rain up a Sicilian hill...as he
was chastizing him for selling his 2.5L Milano and getting an Infiniti G20.
 Yeah, I know, but my Dad's 75 and he even got a slush box because he was
tired of shifting the Alfa.  Times have changed.  The first year he had
that car, he got his first speeding ticket...76 in a 55!!


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