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Re: ET Set me off

Can you tell me what positive offset means? I am confuse! :( 


Anthony Chan

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> >Dan Bocek asks about ET
> Yo!  The ET is the distance between the hub and the centerline of the
> wheel......  So a 6" wheel with a 35mm offset means that the hub is 1.38
> inches from the centerline of the wheel......  To go to a 7in rim with  the
> same offset, means that you added a 1/2" to either side of the rim, no
> centerline change or offset change.....  If you got a 45mm offset after the
> change to a 7" wheel, then you have added 15.4mm to the outside edge of the
> rim and 10mm to the inside to gain that inch (1"=25.4mm) relative to the hub,
> more specifically, if you have a 7" wheel with a 60.4mm offset, your inside
> rim is exactly where it is with the 6" wheel and you have added 1" to the
> fender side of the rim......  Make sense?.....  Go to a 8" wheel with a 35mm
> offset you added 1 inch to either side of the rim (don't think you can do
> it)......   So, you can not always add inches to both sides of centerline to
> maintain the stock offset or you will hit the spring, tie rods etc.....  The
> easiest way to go is toward the fender, that's why most wider wheel apps for
> our cars have a greater offset......  To maintain the rim position on the
> inside and push the "rim" inches out toward the fender.....  
> Scott