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Sport suspension on A4 available in Europe

I just read an article in an English magazine regarding the A4.  The car
tested was the 150 bhp 4cyl.  The car had a four link front suspension and
a torsion bar rear suspension.  This apparently is the "sporty" version
for Europe and comes with a "sports suspension".  I skimmed the article in
a hurry, but I am considering purchasing an A4 and it would be nice to
upgrade the suspension from the factory, without having all those left
over parts to toss or take to the local salvage yard.  

I have a letter in to Ingolstadt (crucify me if misspelled) to ask several
questions (better seats, 3.0 liter V6, Euro only options, etc..).  I buy a
car about once every seven years, so I plan to pull all the stops.  If
Audi had any info of interest to share, I will pass it on.  

Eric Schumacher
86 4kCSQ