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Re: fuel pump

I run my Audi on junkyard parts, but even I would pass on this.  First they
can be a pain in the behind to replace (just did it last month) since it's in
the tank.  The earlier ones under the car are far easier (did one in a
parking lot once, but that's an ugly story about my own stupidity I'ld rather
not repeat here).  
  You can pay more for a 90 day warranty at some places, but do you want to
do it again 4-6 months down the line?  Go ahead and mail order one.  It will
take you 2 hours if you're remotely mechanically inclined and an hour if
there's no problem to put it in..  By the way, gas will dissolve the
undercoat in the trunk onto your forearms and it can be a real bummer to get
it off (I finally used carb cleaner).
  Also, they only go out completely most of the time.  My last one (replaced
it 3 days after I bought the car - new one came with it), sounded like an
enraged squirrel and made the car hiccup (be happy to send it to you if
you'll pay the freight).
Dave Head