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Re: Temp Guage Ailment/Cooling Fan

Well, Yes and no.  I've replaced the thermoswitch w/another used one - It
seems to work about 80% of the time.  If I rattle it's cage w/a wooden
screwdriver handle it will work properly.  The FI "seems" to be down on power
when it's not working.  It acts like it's holding back (almost surging) -
when it's working right I've got power out the you know... (hit 1.3 bar today
for the first time).  I figure when it's being difficult that the freq valve
is off and I'm running in manual FI.  I'm hoping that the thermoswitch is the
problem and not a lost ground somewhere (like the fact that my brake pads are
fine, the sensors read .6 ohms, and the yaller warning light is still on).

Also, I am not sure what the correct info is on the after run thermoswitch.
 There was one in the back of the car when I got it with opaque plastic, that
says "110 - 97", 4-84, and a 9 digit number (and it doesn't work).  The one
in the car says "40C - 30C" and has red plastic for an insulator (this is the
one that turns on at cold temps, on a whim).  The dealer couldn't find it on
his 'fiche today - so if anyone has the 9 digit Audi # for one, I would
appreciate it.

Occasionally the idle will not want to come down below 1500, but as soon as I
pop the pedal it comes right down.  I've been through the air leak check
several times, found and corrected everything 2 weeks ago (at least 5 or 6
separate problems). The Ox sensor looks very recent, the engine only has 30K
on a rebuild, and the Ignition diagnostics are fine.

On a cold start I don't dare touch the pedal, too.  
Still puzzled, but having fun.  I love Audi's - they're such a challenge...

Dave Head