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Re: Idle Stabilizer

BTDT!  A friend at Valdosta Foreign Parts pointed the problem out to me 
originally.  He made me a deal on a brand spankin' new one.  We put it on 
and the first thing it did was collapse.  The only thing we could come up 
with was to insert a spring (like in radiator hoses).  I haven't done 
that - mainly because I'm a firm believer in solving the problem, not 
curing the symptom.  I usually see 22 MPG around town and 25 MPG on trips 
(75 MPH).  This seems low - and I think my rubber duckie could be one of 
the reasons.  Also, (boy this is gonna sound "duh") lately I hear a 
mighty powerful sucking sound in my intake manifold, just after the 
throttle.  This is very normal, right?  Air moving through the thing and 
I just haven't noticed it before?  Or is this the $$$ sucking culprit 
Bruce was discussing?


Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Bruce Bell wrote:

> At 07:16 PM 11/14/95 -0600, you wrote:
> >Anybody know why the duck-neck shaped hose that goes from the Idle 
> >Stabilizer valve to the intake manifold stays collapsed during idle?  
> >Mine is obviously NA 10V I5.  I don't know if this is all different from 
> >the Audi's.  Whenever I gas it, the hose will open up.  But there's an 
> >aweful good suction collapsing that thing.  My idle is fine - is there 
> >something wrong with the valve (I think I might have the wrong one on 
> >there anyway, but I didn't the thing would idle smoothly if it weren't 
> >right)? 
> Listen closely and you will no doubt hear air sucking money out of your
> wallet. I think it's time to replace the little rubber duckie :) Mine did
> the same thing (4000CSQ), Audi Parts was closed on that Sat. so I wnt to VW
> and bought one for the GL5. - Same part and probably same $$$$ - about 35 as
> I recall - been 2 years.  
> PS I tried to patch the thing but it kept collapsing.
> Bruce Bell
> bbell@csn.net