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Audi/Bose in V8 ?

Hi all you V8 owners out there.... what do we have 10 or so on the net now ?

Got a question.... of course :-)

I just got my 90 V8 tuesday and absolutely love it, but I have one problem....

It has the Audi/Bose stereo, but not the one that the little booklet describes
that basically looks like the Audi Delta.

It say's Audi/Bose but the buttons are a little different and instead of the
3 buttons for Bass, Treble, and Fader there are only 2.  One labeled Bass 
the other labeled Treble then underneath the Bass button there are the up 
arrow and down arrow for the fader.  My question is what do I have to do to
make the Bass button go into Fader mode ?

Anybody ?

Oh, the original owner did have this stereo replaced under warranty, so I'm 
assuming that maybe it is a radio from a newer V8 model 91-93 or maybe
even from a 92 or newer 100 series.........

Thanks for the anticipated help!!

Mike L.
89 100 Wagon 
89 100 Sedan,  Still waiting for the new owner to come get it.....
90 V8 :-)