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Re: Re; Art Director recommends...

********QCUSA Art department**********

Greetings from the new homestead way up in
Northern Vermont (much like ol' Tahoe...)!

A wonderful book for the Audi Sport Quattroless
person.  PriceCostco is carring a new english
published, Italian printed, automotive book titled,
"The Ultimate Classic Car Book".

Rush down and buy it now.  Starting on page 32
there is a beautiful article on the Audi Sport Quattro.
This spans for more than three pages and will
make up for NOT owning the "Audi Sport Quattro
Book" (the big expensive fatty that is out of print). 

I paid  $15.95 and fell asleep reading it on the couch
into the wee hours of the night. Super detailed
interior, good exterior and side shots of the good
ol' 305 hp sport. Very fine typography, photographs and
other well rounded auto pics are included in this book
as well.

In the back of the book, an Ro80 is featured also...!
Good article for the start of the 5000.
Cool.  Someone knows what they are doing.

Highly recommended for ones library...!

Thompson Smith
Art Director/QCUSA
1983 UrQ  # 568
1986 5000CStq
1994 Tamiya TA01 R/C
         Audi quattro V8 DTM,
         Mercedes DTM D2,
         & Mercedes DTM Konig Pilsner