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I just brought my first Audi three month ago, a '88 90 and I love it.  
This car has 103550 miles on it when I bought it, the body and interior 
condition was great, it looks beautiful.  Since I brought the car I had the 
trans. and motor mounts replaced and the transmission flushe-Cost me 
$600.  A month ago I've notice a grinding sound coming from my right front 
wheel...I assume it might be a loose caliper or the bearings.  But after 
driving the car for another two weeks the sound went away.  But now 
sometime when I brake hard the brake makes thumping sounds and yesterday
my speedometer stoped working.  Could the brake noise and the speedometer 
resulted from me not taking care of the griding sound a month 
ago?  I'm a college student and I can't afford to spend too much on 
fixing the car.  Before I take my car to the garage does anyone know how 
much it my cost to replace the caliper or bearing.  Or is my problem more 
than just the caliper or bearing that I assumed?  HELP!!!!!!!