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one last thing

Oh yeah, in case it wasn't clear...
The dealer is sending a used cat to the Audi specialist
and he is going to install it for free.  I'm also sticking
to my guns on the test pipe - hey, if it's supposed to be
there, it's supposed to be there.  So don't worry, it's
getting fixed.   Thanks for all the support mail.  Sometimes
I think it's really a TQC in disguise :).  And yes, I still
like the car, I just can't spend $ on a stereo yet because
I don't know what's going to break next!

On the positive side, the car is now clean in and out and looks
great, handles great, and brakes, etc are fine, so once this is
done I hope to not have to spend anymore time or money, except maybe
on the fuel pump which is loud and I suspect tired.

I've decided this is my last basket case car - it's new or newish
after this, I don't have time for this stuff anymore...

| Dan |
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