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Temp guage sensor pn 035 919 369 L

FYI, I think I've finally got a handle on this one.  AudiOnly gave me the
part # and cost of 44.00 plus shipping which is probably hard to beat.  Since
this is Temp sensor # 2 acting up (junkyard part) I'll probably order it soon
(and take one of the old ones apart to see what is what - probably an RTD w/
linear OpAmp).  This sensor provides input to the OXS unit (pin 2/B, current
track 129 to 41/42), the AutoCheck unit (pin 4/C, current track 130 with
coolant low level sw), and the Temp guage (pin 1/A, current track 130 to
260).  Power comes into current track 128 from 203 via fuse S12 (15 amp).

It appears to be an intermittent open - not necessarily temperature
dependent.  I can tap lightly on mine with a wood handle screwdriver when
it's acting up w/o touching anything else and 90% of the time it will work
fine after that.

This switch is also on other models besides the 87/88 5KCSTQ.  The Bentley
TS&R section only covers the earlier two wire sensor (simple RTD).  The
important part to remember is that this may fuss up your FI too.  Throws mine
for a loop!  I had thrown out the idea of the voltage stabilizer being bad
early on, since only the temp guage was acting up.

Replacement is a simple 5 minute job with a metric adjustable (8" or 10") and
a quart loss of coolant.  Not a bright idea to try to replace hot.
 Especially easy if you remove the upper tri-y radiator hose first.  Unplug,
remove, replace.

Hope this helps!  Thanks to everyone for their input.  I'm going to put
together a package on all sensors one of these days, submit it to the group
for edit, and then send it to the archives.

Dave Head, EMCM(SW)