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20V quattro coupe

I am interested in purchaing a '90 or '91 20v quattro coupe and I have a few

1) Are there any items that I should pay particular attention to during a pre-purchase
test drive and inspection.

2) Are there any idiosyncrasies associated with this vehicle/engine that I should be
aware of in terms of drivability an maintenance?

3) Any recalls on the vehicle?

4) What are the common performance upgrades on this car?

5) Can the displacement on this engine be increased? How much?

6) Is there anyone that makes a reliable turbo kit/supercharger kit for this car?

7) Are there any US based tuners/shops that to particularly good engine/forced
induction/performance work?

Any other comments or information that you may want to provide I would love to hear. I
can be e-mailed directly to save bandwidth (I don't know if anyone else is interested in



Michael Craghead
'87 16v Scirocco - but looking for 20v quattro?, E30 M3?, 944 Turbo?