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A/C Controller

As one torture chamber employee said to the other, stop me if you hurt this

I have read, with great empathy, peoples' problems with the (insert your
favorite string of expletives here) A/C controllers.  I'm on my second one
($2much to Shokan) and the problem has just moved around from one air outlet
to another.  

Well, I was talking with one of the local Audi mechanics about climate
control in general and he told me that a tech bulletin had been issued about
oil seeping down into the controller.  The oil goes down into those little
vacuum solenoids and buggers up the rubber seals.  I have seen metion of
this several times on this list, but never quite figured out where the oil
came from or how to stop it.  The tech bulletin says to do two things
(barring replacing the controller):

1. Install a 4000 fuel line water trap backwards in the vacuum line.  this
give the oil a place to collect.

2. Replace the vacuum harness.  This may not be necessary.  Look at the
black line going into the clear multi connection onto the controller.  If
the clear part is discolored, you probably have oil in the line and should
replace the harness (that looks like more fun than a pointed stick in the eye).

The mechanic also noted that spraying brake cleaner up into the black vacuum
line and putting in the trap may have similar effects if you don't see much oil.

Along this line, I have one question:
I can easily test the electrical function of the solenoids.  Does anyone
know an easy and (hopefully) cheap way of testing the seals for proper
opperation?  If I fix this damn thing again, I want to do it once.

Thanks for any help you can send my way.  Hope someone can use the above info.

Allan Tygert