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New Tranny Noises... (5kTQ)

Whelp, after many ideas from the NET (thanks guys!) I put her up on stands last
night to investigate my strange trans grinding.  It really did sound like an
exhaust pipe dragging on the driveshaft, but it wasn't.  The exhaust was just
where it should have been, and even though I did find one rotted hanger,
everything looked peachy and solid.  There was just a hint of some
aluminum-foil lookin' stuff dangling near the driveshaft near the rear diff, so
I cleaned it out of the way, but I can't imagine that _that_ was what I heard.
 Messed around with the E-brake cable, but that was nice 'n tight.  Other than
that, there was nothing to look at.  So I started her up, put it in first, then
crawled underneith to take a look (it was up on jackstands.)  Still no noise,
although I could tell I was low in trans fluid...  The rear of the trans
(transfer case?) where the driveshaft comes out was a little noisy-er than I
think it should have been, so I imagine it's getting a little dry.  Also, the
carrier bearing was making a just a touch of noise, is thre a way to lube those
things?  Anyhow, I never did find the noise, it never came back (ain't that
typical??) and remained silent all the way to work.  One thing though, the rear
diff was making some not-so-nice noises.  I thought at first it was the wheel
bearing, 'cuz it was only coming from one side (however, only one tire was
spinning...) but when I crawled underneith, it was coming from the diff itself.
 It was a clunking sound, happened every revolution.  I stopped the one tire
with my hand, so the other one started spinning, and th noise pretty much went
away.  Very odd.  I've never heard it in the car, and didn't when I was on my
way in this morning.  I was thinking it was the inner CV, but it really did
sound like the rear diff.  Suggestions anyone?  Anyhow, I never did find the
source of my scraping, but it's gone away for now, so I'm not gonna fuss.  I
did find I really need new tires though, I've got chords showing through on my
right rear P6 and a huge welt on the sidewall of my front left P4000.  But, a
wedding in Pennsylvania this weekend makes for some neccesary driving, so if
anyone sees a black TQ with two flat tires on 15 or 83, honk...

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)