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Re: What brand rim?? 5kTQ

   I've been trying to find some 16 inch wheels for my TQ (man, do I need new
   tires!!)  So far I've come up wth not much.  Who makes 16" rims for the '87
   TQ?? All I've found is a $400+ Momo, an astonomically priced Freedom Design

Speedline makes Audi wheels, in a really nice 5-spoke design (IMO, of
course, wheel esthetics being what they are). I think they make a coupla
other designs too, but they're all ugly...

I think it's 7.5 x 16, 40-something offset, 5x112.

I'm currently running the 7x15's on my UrQ, and I love them. 'twas around
$900 for the set from some jerk-water discounter in Az -- sent the wrong-
hub-centric size (and I learned about "hub-centric" wheels...), so my the
local speciality wheel-and-tire shop had to fabricate adapter rings at
$10 apiece...plus a coupla hours extra waiting...bloody nuisance...

They usually run ads in European Car and the other rags.

They also have the ungodly-expensive modular wheels (want 11x16? or...)

Also, Panasport has a 16-inch 5-spoke wheel they just came out with, and
they will custom drill/offset to your specs, but it will be a month or
three to get your wheels (and the Speedlines look better, although not
as nice as the 8-spoke Panasports, but again I didn't [OK, OK, procras-
tinately long enough that I "couldn't"] wait the several months, and they
only go to 8x15" on the 8-spoke design). Lot cheaper than the megabucks
"Euro" wheels. And Panasports are great wheels, too (past experience).

Actually, American Racing has a number of fitments for the Audis, some
of which look pretty sharp, and they're not megabucks either; "off-the-
shelf/no-waiting" they were my second choice, but I opted for the es-
thetics of the Speedline (and paid probably $200-$300 for that privi-
lege...but hey, it's Audi, right...)