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Re: Full-time headlamps stupid!

In a message dated 95-11-18 02:31:38 EST, GY3WSX@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU
(Daniel Hussey) writes:

>       Sorry, but I've seen this DRL subject here a few times, and I had to
>give my opinion.  Sorry if I called you cheesey or for offending anyone.
>                                                      Later,
>                                                      Dan 

I disagree..........I have driven many an expensive exotics and crotch
rockets and wouldn't think of driving them in the daytime without the
headlights on.......I want to make d**n sure people see me coming before
changing lanes or making a left hand turn; etc. etc.  I readily admit that I
don't go out and turn my headlights on in my Audi in the morning but I think
all would agree that when looking in your rear view mirror, you notice and
are more aware of a car with it's lights on then off. (especially the ones
that flash back and forth!!!)

As for the intrusion of your civil rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness.........You may not have to worry to much longer......I've read
somewhere  that our appointed "leaders" (read shmucks where I come from) are
beginning to shut down our government and OSHA was one of the first to go.
Maybe Transportation will be next....

My $.02.


If your issue is the forcing of the DRL's on the motoring public