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From: Joe Yakubik
subject: lights
To jump into the DRL/fog light/ lights-on thread:
Canadian models do have DRLs (at least according to Bentley).  In the 89-91
100-200 Bentley  manual, there is a subsection that shows how they are wired,
it's different than the American models in a couple ways:  one significant
difference I see is in the light switch.  It has several more positions which
run things like DRLs.  BTW this Canadian section is the only place I've seen the
mention of front fog lights in this manual.  Unfortunately, it is also incorrect
- the  pin  numbers for the relay on p. 714 are wrong.  There is an internal
connection between relay position 11 on the top of the fuse box and pin number
75N on the bottom.  Relay position 13 is hard wired to fuse #1 as depicted in
the rear fog light section.  Another aside: The factory install (or at least the
dealer install) in Europe does not use a relay, but routes all fog light juice
through the rear fog light switch.  I know this because my car is currently
sitting in the garage, hood up, guts hanging.  I felt three lights drawing
current was a little too much for one lonely rear fog light switch, but I didn't
want wires and relays all over the place, so I'm installing front fog lights the
way I think they should have been installed; while simultaneously attempting to
keep the factory relay and fuse postions and make it legal.  
I have not found a three position (off/front/rear) fog light switch for the late
model 100/200.  The factory has a separate switch for the front and rear.  For a
clean install with the factory switch you might have to change the switch holder
from the five switch bracket to the nine switch bracket (if applicable). The
nine switch bracket is standard in Europe because the headlights are also height
adjustable in the car (switch) and the Hazards are mounted on the center console
(another switch).  These take the place of the coin holder.  Its a lot of work
for adding fog lights.
(long winded, I know)
On usage: There are countries where DRLs are mandatory: Sweden, Luxembourg,
maybe others.  The really, really dim beams that come on with the first switch
detent are not DRLs.  They are parking lights and are (I think) a kind of
bastardized mix between Euro and USA models.  In Germany it is legal (and
sometimes necessary) to park half on the road and half on the sidewalk.  This
would, naturally, be dangerous at night. On some European cars (not just Audi)
you can selectively turn these on (parked on the right shoulder, left parking
lights, front and rear, on; left shoulder, vice versa). This way, oncoming
traffic has a little more warning.  In their US version they don't (opinion
here) have a lot of use.  BTW, some insurance companies (USAA, for one) give an
insurance break for DRL equipped cars.

Joe Yakubik
91 200 20vTQ
It's cold and dark in the garage.