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*Full-time headlamps stupid!

 On Nov. 18, 1995, Psychos 'R Us wrote:

>  was darn easy, but I found the renewals are becoming harder and harder to
>  obtain as I get more driving experience (actually, not harder per se but
>  the what stupid comments those idiots sitting next to you give.  Like
>  "You're turning the corner too fast."  Huh?).  Doh!

         Was that a Homer Simpson "Doh!"?  I think I've done this once or twice
...the doh! that is.

         Yea, wouldn't you just love to show that person who's giving you the t
est (and grading it, while they sit in the passenger seat) just how fast you ca
n go through those cones?  "No, actually this isn't too fast, but this is...."
Then you could show off your autocrossing skills by slaloming the cones and doi
ng a demonstration of threshold braking.  The wierd part is that after showing
that person what a competent and skilled driver you are, they'd probably give y
ou an "F".  Wierd country we live in.  In Germany the tests are very detailed a
nd they make sure you really know how to drive before they give you a license.

         A friend of mine who lived in Germany had to take a mandatory expensiv
e driving school, which was more like a performance drving school is in this co
untry.  Hey, if I were president I'd make all speed limits "speed suggestions"
and make driving tests include slaloming, lane toss, and threshold braking.  Wo
uldn't that be nice!

         And thanks for your opinions.  I was supprised at how many people agre
ed that these DRLs that automatically come on are stupid.  Thanks.