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Re: Tire vs Wheel width?

Perci Hala writes:

>Hi. Anybody have a rule of thumb of tire width to wheel width? If I
>have a 16" wheel that is 8" wide, what range of rubber width makes
>sense? optimal?

According to my handy-dandy 'Yokohama Performance Tire Guide':

Size            European Metric Rim Width Ranges
225/45R16       7.5-9.0
245/45R16       8.0-9.5
225/50R16       6.0-8.0
205/55R16       5.5-7.5

Obviously this does not cover every possibility but it gives you an idea.

The Tire and Rim Association (TRA) has a guideline on a measuring rim for
each tire size that enables all tire manufactureers to measure their tires
on the same size wheel.  For 50 series tires and higher, the measuring rim
width is 70% of the tire's section width rounded off to the nearest 0.5".  A
225/50VR16 tire, which has a design section width of 10.04", is measured on
a 7.0" wide wheel.  For tires with an aspect ratio lower than 50, the
measuring rim is 85% of the tire's section design width.

They also say:  'In summary, always stay within the approved rim width range
for the tire.  Wider wheels provide more stability because they provide a
wider base to support the tire and, effectively, a lower aspect ratio.  The
disadvantage of a wider wheel is that it will not allow the tire to absorb
the road impacts as easily and will ride more harshly.  Wheels in the middle
of the approved range will provide a balance of ride and handling.  Narrower
wheels will sacrifice some handling, steering response and cornering
stability but will provide the smoothest ride.'