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A4 Test Drive

As a new A4 owner this will probably appear to be a bit defensive, but 
I believe the A4 has so much going for it the minor lack of 
acceleration isn't an issue.  Sure I'd love the acceleration of an M3, 
but I bet there are some M3 owners out there that would kill for the 
Quattro option 6 months of the year here in Michigan.  I bought the car 
based on the complete package, and not how fast I could burn off the 
line at every intersection I stop at.  I believe it's one of the best 
looking cars on the road, it handles wonderfully, rides great, it's 
very quiet on the highway and is a blast to drive.  I guess the 
question I'd ask some of the critics out there, what car in this class 
does it better than an A4?  I looked and couldn't find anything close.  
(And thanks to all those that recommended Zymol.  I spent the afternoon 
"treating" the car and the results are terrific...)

Happy A4 Quattro owner