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K&N Filtercharger for 5kTQ?

       Hey y'all,

           I was looking through the last issue of Quattro Quarterly and saw an
 ad in there for Schambourg Audi who was selling K&N Filterchargers and Perform
ance throttle bodies for the V6 Audis.  But, I was wondering if you could put a
 K&N Filtercharger on a 5 cylinder (5kTQ)?  For those of you who do not know wh
at the Filtercharger is, it is a K&N unit which replaces the airbox and acts as
 the air filter also.  I know you can get a K&N air filter for the car, but I t
hink this would be a lot better (i.e. breathe better and get more hp!).  Any co
mments or info on this?  I've never seen or heard of this done to an I5, so I t
end to think it can't be done (easily anyways).  TIA.