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Re: K&N Filtercharger for 5kTQ?

I can't remember where I read or heard about cars that use K&N filters 
suffered from premature intake valves failure or accelerated wear on intake
valves. It was from either this group or from one of the newsgroup. Did
anyone else in this group hear about it?

I have a 100 v6, I am interested in getting a few more horse power but I
do not want to damage to the engine because of using K&N filter. 

Anthony Chan

> Date:         Mon, 20 Nov 95 01:24:00 EST
> Subject:      K&N Filtercharger for 5kTQ?
>        Hey y'all,
>            I was looking through the last issue of Quattro Quarterly and saw an
>  ad in there for Schambourg Audi who was selling K&N Filterchargers and Perform
> ance throttle bodies for the V6 Audis.  But, I was wondering if you could put a
>  K&N Filtercharger on a 5 cylinder (5kTQ)?  For those of you who do not know wh
> at the Filtercharger is, it is a K&N unit which replaces the airbox and acts as
>  the air filter also.  I know you can get a K&N air filter for the car, but I t
> hink this would be a lot better (i.e. breathe better and get more hp!).  Any co
> mments or info on this?  I've never seen or heard of this done to an I5, so I t
> end to think it can't be done (easily anyways).  TIA.
>                                                           Later,
>                                                           Dan