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Re: Heated seats not working

>Steve,  The front left(driver side) seat heater in my 90Q does not work any
>I'm sure it is from increased use compared to the passenger side.  I
>tried using the switch from the passenger side on the driver side
>circuit(Carefully popped switch out with a flatblade screw driver) but it
>still didn't work.  The Audi dealer told me the element in the seat had
>most likely gone bad.  To repair it the seat would have to go to an
>upholstery shop and be dismantled, cost would be approx. 3-500 dollars.
>The heated seat option was $400dollars.  The seat still doesn't work. I
>now let someone else drive me around on the cold days so my posterior
>can be well heated.

I think it was Glen Powell who posted a LONG time ago about reparing the
seat heating element in his 4K.  Seemed pretty straight forward, just a
pain in the A*s.  Did you check the archives?  [not to say it's there, but
just a general suggestion]


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