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Re: K&N filtercharger

In a message dated 95-11-20 18:05:06 EST, you write:

>You may have to re-invent the intake system to install a cone-type K&N 
>filter if your car has CIS.  Both the air flow sensor housing and the 
>fuel distributor are mounted atop the air filter box; you would have to 
>devise some way of removing the box and keeping the sensor and 
>distributor happy.  In other words, it's probably not worth the effort 
>for a lousy 2-3 hp gain......

Very true.....  You would need to do some serious fabricating to make it work
and the noise from that setup on full throttle rivals my 3in exhaust with a
single flowmaster.....  It's just a downright expensive (and did mention that
it was loud?)and small gain in hp for the trouble......  I saw several at
some of the qcusa event, timed a couple vs the stock ones, and can say WOQ
that paying more attention to your driving skill and less to prep will make
up that 400 bucks pretty quick......
>K&N offers OEM-style filters which rely on the factory air box.  These 
>will probably prove even less effective vs.the cone filters at adding hp.

Not sure I agree with this however.....  In a turbo car, you are missing some
serious air flow if you neglect the Hi Flow Air filters......  And if you run
ANY mods on your turbo, this mod becomes a necessity for air to the
motor......  Imparts in St. Louis (insert disclaimer) has the 5ktq
filtercharger (normally, they have some on order for this week tho) in stock
for 39.00.........

>The advantage of K&N filters is that they can be cleaned and reused for 
>the life of your car.  If you want significant power gains, you are 
>probably better off going a different route.

On the 10 and 20v NA motors this might be (and I would guess is) the right
summation.....  On the turbo cars, even stock, the K&N is a very good way to
spend your first tweek dollars......  It does make a difference......  Saw
1.5 on a stock motor with the K&N and the cam advanced one tooth, no other


2 x 87 5ktqRS2  K&N, mods ad nauseum .....