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Vanagon 3.3 6

Name: Paul Rivera
E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
Date:  11/20/95

RE: Vanagon 6 Cyl.

3 Ways to go
1. Install a 911 Motor
2. Oettinger in Germany purchased the tooling for stilborn 6 Cylinder WasserBoxer
from the illfated Passat project that was to use this powerplant.
It is a 6 Cylinder version of the 4 banger that was the Vanagon motor. 
He sells it ready to install.  Quite a motor. I think he has several versions,
up to 180 Hp.
3. Find a Vanagon Diesel, take out the anemic 
   50 hp bomb, and replace it with a 16V 2.0 Litre or better yet a VR6.
Paul Rivera