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Re: Rust Protection

> 1.  I know that my car comes with a 10 year no perforation warranty but
> should I still have my car sprayed by Krown Rust Control Systems or similar
> company to enhance the rust protection?

Of course, this depends on where you live. How long is winter and what
ice/snow removal chemicals are used where you'll be driving? Certainly,
for climates such as Washington state west of the Cascades or California
the need for rust proofing is non-existent. My car ('86 5ks) was delivered
to me in Seattle 10 years ago and it shows absolutely no corrosion anywhere
on the body. Audi also had the 10 year warranty at that time. Even a nine
year old paint scratch (that I never fixed) has no rust visible.

> 2.  If it is a good idea to have my car sprayed, who do you recoomend and why?
> 3.  Do such sprays pose any danger to the car's finish?
> 4.  Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share?
I did have other cars Ziebart'ed when I lived in southern New Hampshire. I
found that: a) in order to keep warranty protection one had to have the
rust proofing inspected every year after the 3rd year, b) application was
spotty, and c) the truck ('81 Toyota SR5 4x4) rusted through anyway and
the company was out of business.

In general, I think minimal driving (if possible) during winter and frequent
under-carriage pressure cleaning is the best course of action. Of course,
I've neglected the rip-off factor in these rust-proofing applications. What
was your quoted cost for this service?

Bob Kunz