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Re: Bose Base,

>     I had several BOSE radios, including non-Audi ones, and none of them 
>     have had left-right balance.  What you pay for is a radio that has 
>     been created and tuned for your car.  If there was a left-right 
>     balance, the radio would not be tuned for your car.  I promise you, 
>     they left out the left-right balance control on purpose!

German engineering arrogance at its worst!  "You vill do vhat vee vant and
you vill like it!"

Does it not occur to these golden-eared audioists that MAYBE I'd like to hear
something a bit different than them?  Like perhaps when I'm driving 500 miles
and am spending the Interstate time trying to learn the lyrics to a song that
has the singer mostly on one channel?  Or trying to hear a counter-point that
is played mostly on one channel?  Or trying to tone-down a really Wagnerian

For $700, I'd like MY preference to override theirs when I want it to.

- Carl D.