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RE: O2 Sensor for V8

My "mailer" bounced this back at me; so I hope this doesn't turn into a double

>Is this the 3 wire sensor ?

>Mike L.

>Gonna start calling today for the best price :-)  Northern Foreign Auto
>quoted me $165.- for the Bosch with the connector for my V8,  for
>100.- bucks off I can solder it :-)

Hi Gang,

        I remember a thread abiut O2 sensors a while(2 months?) back. Someone
mentioned that all these things were probably made by the same folks and that a
J.C. Whitney was probably the same as anyone elses; in fact I think someone
else said they were using an O2 sensor for a mustang in their Audi. Anyways, I
got myself a J.C. Whitney catalog, I hadn't seen one in years, and sure 'nuf on
page 182 they have part #13NG2749N 3-wire oxygen sensor w/ platinum tip for all
cars, trucks with 3-wire screw-in sensor. With splicing kit and instructions.
$52.95 each. That and a lil' elbow grease sure beats the heck out of $200.00!
All the disclaimers apply; I never met J.C. or any members of his staff or
immediate family.