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Re: Bose Base,

> the reasons you don't read many negative comments about their speakers is a
> result of the lawsuit they won many years ago in which a reviewer was found
> to have libeled the company for criticizing one of their speakers.  I think

Have you heard of the loudspeaker company Thiel (pronounced "teal")?  
They are a MOST excellent american company that makes some great stuff.  
Their line of Coherent Source speakers carries decimal modes 
designations, like 1.5, 3.6, and my favorite of the line, the 2 2.  It 
used to be called the 2.2, but Bose sued Thiel because they already had a 
2.2.  The thing is, people who consider buying Thiels know that Bose is 
crap and wouldn't be considering buying their 2.2, or their 901.