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Re: Starter relay???

> The general consensus appears to be that there is a problem with my 
> starter relay or solenoid. Im leary of the solenoid, but the relay seems 
> to make sense.  Can anyone point to where it would be on the fuse/relay 
> block? The Bentley really is poor on the TQC.  Ill try to do some tests 
> this weekend which will prove/disprove the individual parts. Ill start 
> with the starter switch, then relay, then the solenoid.  
> Thanks for the help, and if anyone can tell me which relay it is, I 
> waould appreciate it.
... there is no relay in the stock car.  The ignition switch START switch
is directly connected to the starter solenoid.  I'll copy my original 
post below ...

The test that proved it for me: I had the situation where the starter
would not engage when the ignition switch was in the START position, 
I crawled under the car and touched a jumper wire from the alternator's 
+12 line to the solenoid connection and the solenoid pulled right in ...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Bob (as well as everyone else on the q-list)!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Looking at the wiring diagram it shows that the current used to pull in 
the solenoid goes through the start position switch on the ignition switch.
Bentley states that if there is a starter solenoid engagement problem to 
check the grounds and measure the voltage to the solenoid when the starter 
circuit is energized.  A voltage of 8 volts is considered acceptable.  

I got a hold of a copy of *VW* Tech Bulletin Group 27 Number 92-02 that 
talks about this issue on VW cars, in which it states "During cranking, 
the voltage at terminal 50 of the starter solenoid must be at least 10 
Volts.  This value will not be reached by older vehicles."  It then 
discusses ensuring that power and ground connections be checked, but if 
these actions do not resolve the problem that a starter relay be installed.
The bulletin then goes on to describe how the relay would be installed, 
which basically alters the circuit so that the switch actuates a relay
that in turn energizes the solenoid.  The bulletin also includes a parts 
list.  If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the TB, send me a 
direct e-mail and I can fax or mail it to you (3 pages).

It turns out that there is another one of the parts people at Carlsen
named Marty that has put together the kit and has a few for sale.  I 
picked one up from him last night for $20 ... you could probably get 
the parts a little bit cheaper by going to Radio Shack or equivalent.
I'll be figuring out the installation details on the qtc this weekend,
and if I figure out a cool mounting location (pun intended) I'll post 
the info to the net next week.  

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