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Re: Audi news on 30V V6, A3Q

> - the new A6 is said to be radically styled and despite being
> made of steel will be lighter than the current model.

I hope it won't be like MB's attempt at their E-class. I hate bug eyes. 
If I see any more bug eyes, I'm going to have to take a fly swapper with 
me whenever I go out in the car.

> - the 30V V6 produces 193 bhp and 206lbft of torque.  the torque
> curve of the 30V exceeds the 12V's 184lbft peak all the way from
> 2400 to 5400 rpm, so this is a nice torquey engine.
> - the A6Q 30V has a factory claimed performance of 7.9 sec and 142 mph.

Sounds... decent. Now, how many cupholders does the new A6 got? (:

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