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Re: 83 UrQ no start

> > P.S.  I believe it has been suggested to you that the problem could lie
> > with the ignition switch not working.  This is not the problem.  I had the
> > switch die on me last year 300 miles away from home.  After a flatbed to
> > the hotel (wouldn't kick start because when the switch goes, you don't get
> > power to *ANY* of the necessary subsystems the car needs to run) and a
> > taxi ride to Radio Shaft, I rigged up a McGyver hack (using only a swiss
> > army knife and duct tape (I'm serious!)) to bypass the ignition switch all
> > together with a series of three external toggle switches.  Switch one to
> > turn on the ignition circuit, switch two to activate the load reduction
> > relay, and switch three to activate the starter.  Worked great, 'cept it
> > felt like I was starting an airplane every time needed to toggle all those
> > switches... 3-2-1 contact!!!! Varooooommmmm.........
> I had one die on me at an autocross event as I was getting ready to run ...
> I couldn't even turn the ignition key!  It took two of us 10 minutes to hot
> wire the car to the point where it would run -- I didn't bother with trying
> to figure out which wire went to the starter -- and held the wires together
> with tie-wraps (!) since we didn't have any electrical/duct tape with us.

Without wanting this thread to degenerate into a silly stories
exercise, I have to say I had a real pig of a starting problem with
an old Passat (Dasher) I had in my youth.  The transmission
interlock which prevented in-gear starts was faulty I think and could
be made to work by shorting terminals on the solenoid itself with my
specially constructed tool (i.e. strangely bent coat hanger).

Late one evening myself and my (at the time) new girlfriend were,
um, getting better acquainted (ain't youth grand) in a secluded spot
and we saw a very scary character approaching the car (crouched low,
dressed in black right down to the ski mask I think) and lo and
behold, the damn car wouldn't start.  While this guy got steadily
closer, I had to crawl underneath the car, prodding around in the 
dark with the coat hanger trying to find the solenoid, sparks 
flying...  I got it going eventually, but gee...

Of course, that wouldn't happen with an Audi...  Yeah, right!


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