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Re: 80 Q Turbo?

> Having read a letter to the editor in the October european car about
> Audi 5 cylinder power, I started thinking about my 80 Q.
> The editor's recommendation was to do a turbo engine swap.
> They spoke to Ned Ritchie at Intended Acceleration about the
> procedure; it seems straightforward enough. I called Ned to inquire
> about the mechanical aptitude required to do this, and he felt that
> any good Audi mechanic could handle it.
> Has anyone done this swap to an 80Q, or know of an adventuresome
> mechanic in New England?
> Alan
> '90 80TQ? 

I did a very *impure* swap on my '84 4kQ several years ago:  a
cheap and cheerful improvement of significant proportions.  I
stuffed (very literally, lots of easement) the turbo stuff from 
an old 5kT (not water cooled, no electronics) into the 4k's
engine bay, sans A/C.  There were several major difficulties re:
turbo oil drainage, steering arm, but not insurmountable.  Given
the stock boost and the "high" compression of the 4k engine, I
calculated close to 160 hp, up from the '84s rated 115.  Not bad
from a wrecking yard.  No service or reliability problems either.
Email me for more info if interested.

Steve Barnes