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re: AUDI 80

> I recently brought an AUDI 80 GL, March 1985.
> I am very pleased with it, in the three weeks I have had it so far.  
> I was just wondering whether anybody had any experience of problems  
> with the electric windows switches. The front passenger window does  
> not work at all. The rear nearside works fine from the switch in  
> the back, but will only rise from the console switch in the front.

I had a similar problem develop in my 90.  First, the front passenger 
side switch would not raise the window, only lower it.  A couple months 
later, the switch went out all together and the driver side switch for 
the front passenger window would not raise or lower the window at all.  

(of course, the window decided that it wanted to stay down just prior to 
rain.  I frantically had to tear the passenger side door apart to try to 
find a way to get the damn thing up.  Finally got it up by taking the 
harness connector for the switch apart and crossing a couple of the wires.)

At first,  I thought that both the driver and passenger side 
switches for the front passenger side window were defective.  Only the 
passenger side switch, however, was actually bad.  The circuit is set up 
so that if the passenger side switch goes completely out, you can not 
control the actuator motor with the drivers side switch.  Weird, huh?  
I found this out the hard way: took both door panels completely apart 
and found only the passenger side switch to be bad.

Good luck.

'88 90