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need some help

Move me into those 10's of people posting messages.  I am a new quattro owner
(88 80 quattro).  I have had three previous Audi's (86 4000CS, 86 5000S, and 85
4000S) and missed having one for the past two years (I'll give you the details
of why I was Audiless in another post).  My parents have a 87 5kCSTQ and I
convinced a very good friend to get a 87 4kCSQ "Special Build" - he says he will
never own anything but an Audi now.  

I haven't located a Bentley manual yet so these questions may be simple.

I live in Minnesota (transplant from Northern VA) and when the car is warm it
ocasionally has some vapor coming out of the exhaust.  It's white, had me
worried it may be a head gasket, but I checked the compression and all five are
175 psi +-2 psi.   Is this normal?  If not what else would cause this?

I recall a post from someone who had a 90 with an intermitent sunroof switch - I
have the same problem and I am pulling mine apart tonight - I'll let you know
what the results are.

One more thing - I need to find a R headlamp lens for my car - something less
than the $185 from the dealer.

Robert Bauer
88 80Q
84Moto Guzzi V65SP
64Triumph Bonneville 650