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4000 seat heater prob.

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, Steve Dambrowski wrote:

> Car: 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro > >   About two weeks ago my heated seat
stopped heating. The front right > works fine, but the left doesn't. Before
this happened, I could hear a > "clicking" type sound from one of the relays,
and now nothing. > >   Does it sound like the relay is bad? Which relay is for
the seat? Does > each seat has it's own? Are they the same in that I can switch
them to > see if that is indeed the problem? > > >>>Steve,  The front
left(driver side) seat heater in my 90Q does not work any more. I'm sure it is
from increased use compared to the passenger side.  I tried using the switch
from the passenger side on the driver side circuit(Carefully popped switch out
with a flatblade screw driver) but it still didn't work.  The Audi dealer told
me the element in the seat had most likely gone bad.  To repair it the seat
would have to go to an upholstery shop and be dismantled, cost would be approx.
3-500 dollars. The heated seat option was $400dollars.  The seat still doesn't
work. I now let someone else drive me around on the cold days so my posterior
can be well heated.<<<<

I had the same thing happen. Check that you are getting power at the connector
which is under the seat, near the front, if I remember. If so, it is the
elements.  There is one in the seat and one for the back rest. I dont remember
it costing much more than $250 and the dealer did it without sending it out, so
they are removable on the 4K.

Good luck